Despite todays water challenges, Riverstone enjoys a balanced supply of this precious natural resource. Riverstone is served by the Root Creek Water District (RCWD), which was formed in 1996 to address the declining groundwater table in southeastern Madera County, and to ensure a long-term, reliable and sustainable supply of high-quality water for all water users within the District. The RCWD covers 9,230 acres in southeastern Madera County bordering on the San Joaquin River to the south and Highway 41 on the east.

In short, our water supplies provide, on average, considerably more water than will be necessary to meet demands. Riverstone will balance its groundwater and meet its estimated average annual demand through: local groundwater wells, reclaimed wastewater, surface water purchased via a contract that can provide a firm supply of approximately 7,000 acre-feet of water per year, as well as surplus and flood water purchased from Madera Irrigation District through a Sale and Conveyance Agreement.

Facilitating RCWD water balance is the RCWD’s Groundwater In-Lieu Recharge System. Consisting of 2.7 miles of mainline pipeline that runs from the Madera Canal (Lateral 6.2) into the boundaries of the district, the system will provide for surface water deliveries through five lateral connections into the district, reducing the need for groundwater pumping of agricultural wells. The use of surface water instead of pumped groundwater will aid in reducing—and even reversing—the groundwater overdraft within and around the Root Creek Water District.

In addition, the District’s new state-of-the-art water delivery system is built using the most stable and non-corrosive materials available, ensuring the highest possible water quality for decades to come.

Want to know more about Riverstone’s abundant water supply? Click here to visit the RCWD website.

Root Creek Turnout Facility in Madera Irrigation District Lateral 6.2 Canal
Root Creek Water District Installation of 48" Pipeline
Featuring state-of-the-art controls and telemetry that communicates directly with municipal well sites, Riverstone’s
million-gallon water storage tank provides for fire flow capacity for the entire first village of the community including the commercial development at Highway 41 and Avenue 12. The site is also designed to accommodate a second million-gallon storage tank. The water delivery system is built using the most stable and non-corrosive materials available, ensuring the highest possible water quality.
Utilizing the latest technologies in waste-water treatment for high efficiency, Riverstone’s state-of-the-art waste-water
treatment plant allows for the reuse of nearly all water in the waste stream, filtering it to tertiary levels. This allows for direct recharge or use on vegetation, directly benefitting the local groundwater aquifer.

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