Riverstone's the kind of place where you’ll actually set aside your electronic gadgetry (gasp) and head outside for fun. Stirring your sense of adventure will be miles of trails, more than 200 acres of parks and open space reserves, not to mention all the future fun of the nearby San Joaquin River. Even more adventure awaits further up Highway 41 within the many natural playgrounds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.*

Variety of Parks

Riverstone's variety of kid-friendly parks keeps life fresh and fun for homeowners Beth Murdock and Maria Gomez.

Events & Social Fun

Community togetherness with a true sense of belonging is the best part of living at Riverstone for many resident families.


However you like to play in the outdoors, we've got the right equipment for you.

Nature’s wonderlands
are everywhere.

Situated right off Highway 41 north of Fresno, Riverstone is your gateway to the natural playgrounds of the Sierra Nevada.

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